Businesses do not exist without thorough, accurate accounting. Accurate accounting is priceless when it comes to making sound financial decisions for your business, which can directly lead to an increase in revenue. Hiring Brantner, Thibodeau, & Associates could benefit you.

Our services include:

  • General ledger and financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping (daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually)
  • Accounting system setup and support

We are knowledgeable about QuickBooks and other similar software. Several of our professionals are QuickBooks ProAdvisors and can therefore review your accounting files and make recommendations based on your needs.

If you are looking to cut company costs without attempting to do everything by yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to accomplish your goal. We work with large and small businesses because every kind of business needs a reliable way to keep track of accounting and finances.

Accounting for Business

Consistent attention must be given to accounting for businesses, both large and small. If you want your business to continue to not only survive but to thrive, our professionals will work with you to meet your needs. Our professionals are:

  • Qualified to prepare reviewed and compiled financial statements
    • Reviews provide limited assurance to outside interests and involve inquiries and analytical procedures that confirm financial statement matters and identify any items requiring further analysis.
    • Compilations are based upon information provided by a company’s management. They do not offer assurance but may involve some adjustment to accounting records.
  • Knowledgeable about QuickBooks and other similar software. We have QuickBooks ProAdvisors and are therefore able to review your accounting files and make recommendations based on your needs.
  • We are dedicated to helping start-up and established enterprises. You can rely on us to provide accounting services that help you achieve your goals with accurate record-keeping and reporting.
  • We are committed to supporting your needs. Our professionals will provide support on financial issues such as initial accounting system setup and tax planning.

Not only is accounting for business important for the health and longevity of your business, but it is also essential for taxes. Our Certified Public Accountants may be engaged for all the financial management needs of your company. These experienced professionals are dedicated to working with you to file complete and accurate tax returns.

If you are ready to learn why we are so different from our competition, contact us today for a consultation to discuss your needs and what we will be able to provide for you.

Accounting for Individuals & Estates

Accounting is not just for businesses. An individual or family may need help in managing an estate or other ventures. If you are seeking accounting for individuals or estates, you have come to the right place. At Brantner, Thibodeau, & Associates, we understand your desire to manage and protect your financial assets.

The first step is to define your needs. Your needs may fall into several categories:

  • If business accounting accompanies your individual and estate accounting needs, be sure to let us know. This kind of need may require accounts receivable and payable and tax preparation.
  • What you need from our accounting for individuals service may lie in making a significant income from your investments. You may need general bookkeeping and tax preparation help if this is the case.
  • As far as accounting for estates, you will want to understand the importance of minimizing estate taxes.

If your needs fall within any of these categories, please contact us to set up a consultation to discuss other specific requirements you may have in the area of accounting for individuals and estates. This consultation is an important step we encourage our clients to take before entering into a financial relationship. Your satisfaction is important to us.

With an initial consultation, we can ensure that we can meet your needs. Once you have determined that we can assist you, we will maintain the relationship between our professionals and your family. By working together, you will have the necessary information timely to assist you in making financial decisions.

The decision to hire Brantner, Thibodeau, & Associates for your financial needs will allow you to focus on the more important things in life. The security you experience will be well worth it. Contact us to get started.

Accounting for Governmental Entities & Non-Profit Organizations

Are you looking for a different solution for your organization’s needs? Let us help you. We offer accounting services to:

  • Governmental Entities
    • School Units
    • Towns
    • Cities
    • Water Districts
    • Sewer Districts
  • Non-Profit Organizations

We employ CPAs who have advanced knowledge and experience with this specific accounting category to ensure your satisfaction. These professionals will help you manage the accounting requirements of your entity. If high value and quality accounting for governmental entities and non-profit organizations are what you seek, you will find precisely that with Brantner, Thibodeau, & Associates.

Contact us to set up your initial consultation today. See what we can do for you. You will quickly see how we are different from our competition in delivering a quality service to all our clients.

Bookkeeping Services

Accurate bookkeeping is required for proper business planning, which is why you should place your trust in Brantner, Thibodeau, & Associates for all your bookkeeping needs.

Why Brantner, Thibodeau & Associates:

  • Timely and accurate financial information.
  • Experienced professionals.
  • Accounting software support.
  • Organized files for easy referencing.
  • Top-quality at affordable rates.

Even if you have an in-house bookkeeper on staff, we can provide your company with periodic checkups to help your bookkeeper answer any questions they may have. Our knowledgeable advisors offer businesses of all sizes and industries great resources for the most efficient bookkeeping methods possible.